Sliding Wardrobe will be closed between December 23rd - January 4th

Measuring Up

Step 1:

Measure the opening height at each end and the centre of the proposed wardrobe, if the wardrobe is more than 2500mm take the measurements at approximately metre intervals. If there is more than 10mm difference in the measurements call us for advice. Take the smallest measurement, this is your opening height.

Step 2:

Measure the opening width at the top, the centre and the bottom, take the smallest measurement as the opening width.

Step 3:

Wall fillets used where the doors butt up to a wall to even out any irregularities in the wall. It can be fitted above the skirting board, from floor to ceiling by removing part of the skirting board or by scribing over the skirting and fitting a face panel, please ask for advice. The different option can be seen in the showroom.

Step 4:

An end panel is used if you are unable to fit the doors wall to wall. If you are ordering end panels, wall fillets or thresholds we will make the necessary adjustments to your measurements to allow for these. We recommend that you fit an 18mm threshold to secure the bottom track to for all our wardrobe systems.