Benefits of having a fitted wardrobe


Wardrobes can be extremely beneficial to you. Not only they can be necessity sometimes but if you put some thought into it, you might discover that sliding wardrobes are a great investment.


Create more space with your wardrobe


When asking yourself if a fitted wardrobe is worth it, think about the amount of space it will save you. No matter how awkward the shape of a bedroom is, a fitted wardrobe can save you an incredible amount of space. Corners that have been too small to fit something become all of the sudden free space after installing a fitted wardrobe.


Wardrobes are long term investment


One of the downsides to fitted wardrobe is that whenever you decide to move house, the wardrobe has to stay behind. However when selling the house you can include the wardrobe as a feature, meaning it will increase the value of the bedroom that is installed in. You might not be able to take it with you but you can surely return your investment.


Easy to clean

Make your cleaning lady or wife happy by purchasing a wardrobe. A sliding wardrobe can save space and at the same time take a lot of room in your bedroom that was not used before. This creates less space to be cleaned and maintained. Wardrobes can be cleaned with ease, all you need is cloth and a furniture cleaner to wipe down any finger stains on it. If you live in a big house, your cleaning service  will be happier than ever!


Ask for recommendations when it comes to custom furniture


No matter where you purchase your wardrobe, always ask close friends and family for recommendations. Fitted wardrobes and custom furniture are really famous and well known space savers in bedrooms. For that reason the chance that your neighbour might have one is pretty high. When choosing the right company always make sure to take a look at their portfolio with previous projects.


Pick custom designed Wardrobe Doors


You must take an account the size and shape of your bedroom and your personal preference when choosing doors for wardrobes. The more modern and fashionable solution is sliding doors. They take less space and you don’t need to sacrifice space for opening the wardrobe.


Plan ahead of time to prepare your bedroom


The most common mistakes are made when you haven’t done the prep. Measurements are extremely important when you start your wardrobe project. You don’t want any gaps of space between the wall and your wardrobe but most importantly you want your wardrobe to fit instead of being too big. You most likely will need to make measurements on both sides of the ceiling as well as the middle. This way your wardrobe can be made to fit any sagging ceiling. Obviously you need to do the same with the floor. Make sure that your floor is even.


Make it as custom as possible


If for some reason you are planning to paint your room or maybe just the walls, you need to do that before hand as the wardrobe is fitted and almost impossible to do that after it is installed. When it comes to deciding the interior of a wardrobe make it so it fits your lifestyle.