Sliding Wardrobe will be closed between December 23rd - January 4th


  • Interior Example 1

    Interior Example 1

    The interior of this wardrobe shows a three drawer chest with TV on top. A mixed combination of chrome wire…

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  • Interior Example 2

    Interior Example 2

    Interior shows a pull out Trouser Rack.

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  • Laundry Bag

    Laundry Bag

    The Laundry Bag dimensions are 500mm wide x 500mm deep x 510mm high. The bag is is attached to the…

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  • Trouser Rack

    Trouser Rack

    Trouser Rack

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  • Arundel White Glass

    Arundel White Glass

    Arundel Ferrara Oak fitted with Pure White Glass, the horizontal bars can be fitted in any position.The right hand door…

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  • Interior Example 3

    Interior Example 3

    The interior shows a wardrobe interior which is two tiered, shirts and tops on the top tier and heavier garments…

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  • Interior Example 4

    Interior Example 4

    This interior shows a three drawer shelf unit 1700mm high with a single hanging rail and two full width shelves.…

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  • Interior Example No5

    Interior Example No5

    The interior shelf unit shown is 2050mm high which enables¬† the use of two tier hanging as shown on the…

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  • Interior Example 6

    Interior Example 6

    The interior shows a different combination of shelves with shoe shelves to the left. Shoe shelves can usually hold more…

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