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Choosing Between Sliding and Hinged Doors

Are you giving your bedroom an overhaul? Many aspects bring a design scheme together, from the colour palette to the bedroom furniture. However, features like fitted wardrobes lay at the heart of it all. Not only are they one of the largest aspects of the entire room, but they also play a key functional role in your daily life. If you’re opting for bespoke wardrobes as part of your transformation in Esher, Woking, Reigate, Horley, or any of the surrounding areas we cover in Surrey or Sussex, it’s vital that you get them right.

There are many options to consider. Walk-in wardrobes? Sliding wardrobes? Hinged wardrobes? In many cases, the choice often falls between the latter two.

Below, we have looked at the most important points to take into account when choosing between sliding and hinged doors.

Made-to-Measure Wardrobes of Every Kind

In addition to sliding and hinged wardrobe doors, we also provide a complete service for walk-in wardrobes too. Of course, these installations require a certain amount of space, but you may also be surprised at how little you actually need. This is because walk-in designs aren’t just the luxurious room-like options so many people imagine. We can still create a compact corner closet with a relatively small amount of space.

No matter the size of your room or stylistic tastes, we deliver a truly personal service. This ensures you receive truly fit-for-purpose results. In short, your wardrobe can take any form you want it to – and this is as true for hinged and sliding installations as it is walk-in options.

Our team strikes the perfect balance between your current design scheme, the content and size of your wardrobe and accessories, as well as any must haves you desperately want us to include.

Sliding or Hinged Wardrobe Doors?


It’s important to note that our bespoke wardrobes, as well as bedroom furniture, comes tailor made to your needs. A member of our team can provide a more personalised recommendation after viewing and measuring your bedroom.

When it comes to space, though, sliding wardrobes have a distinct advantage. This is especially true if you have limited dimensions to work with.

Because sliding doors open sideways, they don’t need any other clearance. Hinged doors open outwards, so they work best when placed in roomy surroundings. This isn’t to say that sliding options don’t suit larger rooms either. The biggest benefit of having more space is having the freedom to choose whichever fitted wardrobes best suit your design aspirations.

Door Width Limits

Unlike sliding and walk-in wardrobes, hinged installations have an upper limit for door width. To avoid putting too much weight on the hinges, these doors have a maximum width of 600mm. Anything beyond this places too much strain on the mechanism and causes its failure.

Bespoke wardrobes with sliding doors run on a track. In short, this means they don’t have an upper limit for width, giving you much more flexibility with the design.


Due to their bespoke nature, the cost of made-to-measure wardrobes or fitted wardrobes, not to mention all bedroom furniture, in Esher and the neighbouring areas varies from job to job. Generally speaking, however, hinged wardrobes have a higher overall cost when compared with sliding wardrobes, as well as walk-in wardrobes.

Hinged wardrobes almost always consist of wood, so they have higher manufacturing costs. In comparison, sliding options usually involve materials like steel, glass or aluminium. Hinged wardrobes are also much more labour-intensive, especially as they include precision fixtures. This combination of manufacturing and installation costs typically makes them the more expensive option.

The above only represents a guide to these two wardrobe options. Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation in the comfort of your own home. During this meeting, we happily discuss your ideas and budget, view your bedroom and outline what is and isn’t feasible given the circumstances.


Bespoke Walk-In Wardrobes

If your focus is on walk-in wardrobes, we can meet all your needs with these designs too. As experts in made-to-measure wardrobes, our team can find the perfect configuration for your installation’s internal features. These include:

  • Shoe Racks

  • Wire Baskets

  • Trouser Racks

  • Tie and Belt Racks

  • Internal Drawers

  • Pull-down Hanging Rails

With a wide range of wardrobe doors to choose from too, there’s no need we can’t meet for our Esher, Surrey or Sussex clients.

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