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3 Key Benefits of Choosing Sliding Wardrobes

Are you in the early stages of upgrading your bedroom furniture? If your plans include installing fitted wardrobes, you’ve likely seen many examples of sliding doors during your research. Sliding wardrobes have become increasingly popular with homeowners, not just in Weybridge, but locations across the UK. But what differentiates them from other firm favourites like hinged and walk-in wardrobes?

At Sliding Wardrobe Warehouse, we specialise in bespoke wardrobes. We provide made-to-measure installations that fit perfectly into your chosen space, not to mention a seamless fit with your current or future design scheme.

We’re happy to use our expertise to showcase any of the products we manufacture. Below, we have focused on 3 of the many benefits that come with sliding wardrobe doors.

Sliding Wardrobes | 3 of the Biggest Benefits

Space-Saving Design

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors allow you to make optimal use of your available floorspace. The same benefit applies to all our custom bedroom furniture. This is because each sliding door runs on a track. As such, it opens sideways, not outward. When designing your bespoke wardrobes, you don’t need to worry about having enough clearance to open the doors.

In addition, we can supply you with sliding doors with integrated mirrors. This eliminates the need for another freestanding mirror elsewhere in the room. It also accentuates the natural light, making your bedroom feel bigger.

Not only are you saving space in a literal sense, but you can create the appearance of having more.


If you think walk-in wardrobes are your only option for timeless style, you’re mistaken. Sliding wardrobes deliver a unique aesthetic that both draws the eye and blends into the surroundings. We achieve the latter thanks to the customisation of colours and materials. Because we manufacture these fitted wardrobes in a range of shades and textures, you can find the perfect match for your décor.

You can rest assured, sliding doors are not a passing trend either. Their roots stretch back centuries. They are long-standing staples of minimalist and East Asian design. With a simple style and unmatched practicality, it’s easy to see why they have stood the test of time.

Fitting them at your Weybridge home represents an investment for decades, not just a season.


All it takes is a busy couple of weeks for a bedroom to feel cluttered and unorganised. Given it’s the room where we start and end our days, it’s easy to throw clothes on bedroom furniture – or even the floor. Perhaps you don’t always have time to put away fresh towels, bed linen or piles of washing.

Our company designs bespoke wardrobes around you. With fitted wardrobes, this includes the interior. With designated spaces for all your clothes, shoes and accessories, it’s far easier to simply slide open the door and place the items where they belong.

Bespoke sliding wardrobes offer ease of access. In turn, this allows you to stay on top of clutter and mess in the bedroom. Of course, walk-in wardrobes with sliding doors offer the ultimate luxury.

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