Sliding Wardrobes in Cranleigh
The Latest Style Trends for Wardrobes and Bedroom Furniture

You don’t need a new year to make a transformation. There’s never a bad time to shake things up, be it your daily routine, your diet or even your career. But some of the most popular makeovers come in the home. As a proven specialist in fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture, we’re ideally placed to help you transform the bedrooms in your Cranleigh property. Our bespoke wardrobes include both hinged and sliding wardrobes, so we can meet any need. For the ultimate luxury, this extends to walk-in wardrobes too.

We cannot overstate the importance of a well-designed bedroom. It’s the place you relax and unwind after a long day. By having a room you love and feel comfortable in, you’re also more likely to get a better night’s sleep. This is important to regain your energy for the next day.

Fitted wardrobes represent one of the main focal points of any bedroom. Whether it’s one of our hinged or sliding wardrobes, they fit your room’s measurements and design scheme perfectly. Investing in bespoke wardrobes gives you the ideal starting point from which to base the remainder of your bedroom redesign.

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Installations That Tick Every Box

By their very nature, our made-to-measure wardrobes meet all your lifestyle requirements and design aspirations. Like any bespoke product, we start your service from scratch, piecing together a wardrobe in line with your needs. This process takes into account the size of your available space, the kind of clothes you need to store and the design scheme already in place.

With a wide range of wardrobe doors to choose from, as well as truly customisable interiors, your new wardrobe delivers the kind of aesthetic and functionality that standard-size, mass-produced alternatives simply can’t compete with.

Bedroom Style Trends Influencing Our Latest Work

Experiment with Colour

To be of worth in any room, fitted wardrobes must excel at their function. This is, of course, storing your clothes. But with bespoke wardrobes, you can turn this feature into so much more. At Sliding Wardrobe Warehouse, we firmly believe that our handcrafted hinged and sliding wardrobes aren’t just a space-saving choice. They hold just as much appeal for their style.

As a fully bespoke option, you have a practically unlimited range of colours and finishes for your wardrobe. Our wide range of woods spans the spectrum of natural tones. From various shades of oak to maple, and from walnut to pine, the choice truly is yours. We can also fit coloured glass to our hinged, sliding and walk-in wardrobes, including black, brown, grey, copper, beige, red, taupe and white.

These multiple options are perfect for teaming your installation with our bespoke bedroom furniture.

Sliding Wardrobes Compliment All

We love all our bespoke wardrobes equally. However, there’s no denying that sliding wardrobes hold a slight edge by fitting into Cranleigh bedrooms of almost any size. This is opposed to hinged and walk-in wardrobes which require more space for optimal operation.

In addition to its space-saving, horizontal movement, your sliding wardrobe adds a subtle sleekness that compliments the wider design scheme you plan to implement. We can even take this into account when crafting any additional bedroom furniture. With an interior unit designed to suit your needs, fitted wardrobes with sliding doors increase storage capacity without compromising on space or style.

Create the Illusion of More Space

Does your Cranleigh home have one or more bedroom on the smaller side? We’ve already discussed how one of our sliding wardrobes will probably make the best option when it comes to saving space.

Sadly, this means those walk-in wardrobes will have to wait for now. One of the most popular features of our bespoke wardrobes is the addition of mirrored panels to the doors. This reflects the room back on itself, creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Small rooms not only struggle with space, they often have limited light too. By integrating mirrors to the doors of fitted wardrobes, you create a more open, lighter environment that’s much more pleasant to spend time in.

Sliding Wardrobe Warehouse handcrafts bedroom furniture to finish off any new design you choose.

The Benefits of Made-to-Measure Wardrobes

Taking the bespoke route for a new wardrobe provides various unbeatable benefits, including:

The above points only scratch the surface of the advantages associated with our made-to-measure wardrobes. For even more information about how our installations can benefit you, contact our friendly team using the phone number below.

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