Walk-in Wardrobes in Horsham

Start Your Decluttering Project in Your Wardrobe

Have you found yourself consuming an increasing amount of minimalist content? Be it social media influencers, YouTube experts or Netflix documentaries, it’s easier than ever to find guides and advice on how to live with less. If you have become inspired to declutter your home, your wardrobe is the perfect place to start. Our team shares 150 years of expertise in bespoke wardrobes. We design, supply and install everything from sliding wardrobes to walk-in wardrobes in Horsham and the surrounding areas.

Our fitted wardrobes have the option for interior shelving, drawers and hanging compartments. This bedroom furniture can transform your relationship with clothes. Knowing what you have and how often you wear it drastically reduces unnecessary purchases.

As such, once you have finished your decluttering project, you can stay on the right track. Are you interested in premium bespoke wardrobes? Have you always dreamed of having timeless, beautifully crafted sliding wardrobes or walk-in wardrobes? Call us on 01306 741 488 to discuss options for fitted wardrobes in your Horsham home.

Tips on Wardrobe Decluttering

Be Ruthless

Throwing away clothes isn’t easy, but there are methods that make it easier. One such approach is the four box challenge. This involves four boxes with different classifications:

With our bespoke wardrobes and bedroom furniture, you always have the perfect overview of your clothing and accessories. As such, there’s no hiding place for clothes with tags still attached or those you haven’t worn in a year.

You can also apply this concept to all rooms in your Horsham home.

The Reverse Hanger

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much space the four box challenge creates. You might see corners of hinged or sliding wardrobes you’ve never seen before. Walk-in wardrobes may feel positively roomy. However, the reverse hanger method can take decluttering fitted wardrobes to the next level.

In theory, you should only have clothes you want to keep and wear. If you feel like you’re wearing everything, great! But if you feel like you’re still wearing only a fraction of those garments, the reverse hanger approach can help you. Put all your clothes into the wardrobe with the hanger facing out. When you wear an item, return it with the hanger facing in.

This will identify which clothes you wear often, and those you still don’t. If you’re considering making a change to one of our bespoke wardrobes (or additional bedroom furniture), you can remove these last few items. Why not consider donating them to a charity shop in Horsham?

Colour Coordination

A key benefit of our hinged and sliding wardrobes is the ability to organise the interior. This allows you to colour coordinate your clothes. By keeping colours and patterns in one section and neutrals in another, you can quickly see which outfits go together well. You can achieve an even better spread with walk-in wardrobes.

Conversely, this approach also highlights which items are more difficult to wear.

Fitted wardrobes and bespoke bedroom furniture help you to maximise the space in your Horsham home. But it’s important not to waste it. After all, you might want to store other things alongside your clothes. The more efficiently you use your space, the less likely you are to see clutter return.

If you want to combine your decluttering project with more effective storage options, look no further than the bespoke wardrobes from Sliding Wardrobe Warehouse.

Call 01306 741 488 for more information about hinged, sliding or walk-in wardrobes in Horsham and the surrounding areas.