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Are you planning to integrate one or more bespoke wardrobes into a bedroom redesign project? First of all, great choice. Fitted wardrobes deliver unmatched functionality, class and luxury. At Sliding Wardrobe Warehouse, we guide you through the process from the design to the installation. Our team shares over 150 years of experience, so we’re perfectly placed to offer design advice in line with your vision. From made-to-measure wardrobes to sliding wardrobes, as well as wardrobe doors and bespoke bedroom furniture, we do it all.

The specifics of your design will depend on the type of bedroom(s) you have in your Guildford property. As such, we will look at how to create wonderful walk-in wardrobes for those with ample room. In addition, we will also look at how to organise the interior of bespoke wardrobes for those with a little less space.

Are you ready to take the first step toward one of our fitted wardrobes? Do you want to discuss bedroom furniture options? Call us on 01306 741 488 to schedule an initial consultation at your Surrey or Sussex property.

The Complete Service Package

At Sliding Wardrobe Warehouse, we make made-to-measure wardrobes simple. From the wardrobe doors to the interior organisational features, we offer a truly bespoke service designed to deliver tailor-made results.

In fact, our service has such a positive reputation that both private homeowners and property developers rely on us for attractive, highly functional installations.

Because we craft a one-of-a-kind wardrobe around your lifestyle requirements and design aspirations, we can maximise your property’s storage potential. Clothes, shoes, accessories, towels, bed sheets – whatever items you plan to keep in your wardrobe, we can create the perfect storage solution. With doors available in a range of finishes too, your wardrobe will combine stunning aesthetics with optimal usability.

Organising the Interior of Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes

If designs for walk-in wardrobes remain a pipe dream for now, our other bespoke wardrobes still make the perfect solution for your home. Below, we have looked at some of the most important points to consider when designing the interior storage unit.

Sort Hanging Clothes for Folded Clothes

For optimal organisation in fitted wardrobes, you need to make the most of your available space. One of the most effective ways to do this is to separate your hanging and folded clothes. If you have many dresses, suits, dress trousers or any other long-hanging garments, you need to allocate enough space for them.

Likewise, if you have more knitwear and sweaters, you will need ample shelving to keep them folded on. This helps to maintain their shape.

Allocating the right amount of shelves, hanging rails and smaller storage compartments remains vital to the success of hinged and sliding wardrobes in the Guildford area.

Consider Extra Shoe Storage

It’s estimated that the average woman has 40 pairs of shoes, while the average man has 10. With walk-in wardrobes off the menu, it’s important to include plenty of storage in any other bespoke wardrobes you invest in.

When it comes to fitted wardrobes and shoes, we always offer this useful advice: plan your storage with room to grow. Unless you can feel a shift to minimalism coming on, it’s likely your collection will get bigger, not smaller. Bedroom furniture like a chest of drawers also offers a handy storage alternative.

Think Seasonal

Does your Guildford home have several small- to medium-sized rooms? Do you have a healthy assortment of clothing? You may still find even the most well-planned sliding wardrobes tight on space. One solution for this problem is to think seasonal.

Divide your clothes into spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. This way, you can keep the relevant clothes in the master wardrobe and store the others elsewhere. If you have the space, two bespoke wardrobes in separate rooms ticks every box.


Tips for Walk-in Wardrobes

You may think walk-in installations are easier to design than smaller fitted wardrobes. With so much space, how can you go wrong? The truth is, even though you have more room to play with, you must use it wisely.

  • Prioritise Hanging – If needed, you can always use a chest of drawers to store folded clothes in the bedroom. You can’t hang clothes just anywhere though. We have a range of bedroom furniture to browse.

  • Close Things Off – As a specialist for hinged and sliding wardrobes, we can fit the right doors to hide your walk-in wardrobe when not in use. Our customisable service means we can match the current design scheme of your Guildford home.

  • Think Fitted – Our expertise in all wardrobe designs delivers stunning results. With allocated compartments, shelving, boxes and hanging space, you will always be able to find what you’re looking for.

No matter the size of your room or the kind of bespoke wardrobes you prefer, Sliding Wardrobe Warehouse can turn your ideas into reality.

a Closer Look at Our Bespoke Service

If you’re in the market for made-to-measure wardrobes, you can count on our start-to-finish service to meet all your needs. During the design phase, we work with you to piece together a wardrobe that ticks every box, both for function and stylistically. Some of the design options you can choose from include:

  • Floors, hanging rails, shelving and shelf units,

  • Vinyl-wrapped and MFC Egger panels for hinged doors

  • Spacepro steel door profiles

  • Komandor aluminium door profiles

  • High-density Egger panels for interiors and exteriors

  • 4mm AGC coloured glass or mirrors

  • Soft close wardrobe doors as standard

  • Drawers with full-extension runners

The above is only a brief introduction to the design possibilities available to you. Contact us today to book a more detailed, personalised consultation at your property in Surrey or Sussex.

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